Freight Dimensioning &
Master Data Capture

MetriXFreight volume measurement systems dimension millions of goods every month in inbound, outbound and cross-docking processes.

MetriXFreight reliably determines the dimensions and volume of goods, parcels, and pallets automatically within milliseconds. This allows the easy implementation of innovative processes for freight dimensioning and master data collection.

Since 2010, we have been supporting leading companies worldwide with innovative solutions based on computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Data is Key

Improve Your Operational Processes

The optimization of logistics processes depends significantly on the quality of the logistics data. This process is also called master data acquistion. MetriXFreight captures master data with minimal effort. It simplifies processes, shortens process times, seamlessly integrates data with IT, and thus enables immediate cost reduction and increased productivity.

Freight Dimensioning

For better Data

Industry leaders use MetriXFreight

For freight dimensioning and master data collection leading companies rely on MetriXFreight in their daily business and gain significant competitive advantages through digitally available, high-quality logistics data.

We enable our customers to implement a wide range of applications and services. MetriXFreight is used in road, air and ocean freight forwarding, contract logistics and manufacturing / distribution companies in various industries.